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Mulberry & Sandalwood Soy Wax Melts

Mulberry & Sandalwood Soy Wax Melts

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Let’s not beat around the mulberry bush: This is our best-selling scent for good reason. Simultaneously sweet and earthy, it evokes a sublime midsummer’s night spent in the forest, with fairy lights twinkling high above.

All the aroma, none of the fire. For people who love a good ritual, but don’t fancy flames in their space, we present… soy wax melts! Pop in your wax warmer (they work fine in an oil burner too) and feel your tension melt away. 

These little pellets pack a serious punch, 
evaporating at a much slower rate than regular soy candles, meaning you can keep coming 
back to the same dependable little wax pool, time after time.

Use 2-4 melts depending on your warmer size & desired scent throw. Melt again & again until the fragrance has evaporated (approx 5 hours per melt), then refresh from your packet.

Available in our 5 best-selling scents. Melting a few of these bad-boys is guaranteed to up your home-fragrance game... heads will turn, noses will sniff, people will talk.

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