Lucian is your guide to finding the scents for each moment.

The ones that welcome you home, celebrate the wins, help you unwind, or take you back to that special place.

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We offer affordable & fun soy candles for any occasion. Perfect for gifts or a nice little treat for yourself.

  • Trim your wick

    Keep your wick trimmed to 5mm to reduce soot and have a longer, cleaner burn.

  • Melt to the edge

    During your first burn, let the wax pool reach the edge of your vessel to reduce the dreaded "tunneling effect".

  • Don't burn out

    To reduce the risk of melting the wick glue and it falling under, keep your burn time under about 2 hours.

  • Cover it up

    Avoid dust or hairs settling in the surface of your candle, cover it up once it's completely cooled to keep it fresh.