Rachel, Chris and Sarah

I love having a fresh smelling house. I think it's from growing up in the country, with a mother who always had a selection of flowers, plants and perfumes. Although she's not always been a follower of high fashion, mum always wore perfume and scented hand creams. So it's possibly genetics that led myself and my brothers to this career. Much to my uni housemates annoyance, I used to throw open the windows in the middle of frosty Canberra winters to get rid of the frequent and offensive burnt toast smell. Burnt toast is the smell of carelessness and unfortunately also the scent of the rushing uni students I lived with. To this day, it takes me back to that feeling, although with a bit more fondness now. We all have that smell that make our skin crawl. So you see, it's only natural that we would begin designing scents and home fragrances.

Our natural candle making began with a search for the perfect jar. To begin with, we were more focused on the visual and sustainable aspect of candles, trying to find a reusable jar, that looked like a centrepiece of home decor, not something you hide in the cupboard when visitors come. We found you the perfect jar, made by a company in India which recycled copper and brass from scrap, to make the vessels. After looking into the company and getting samples, we were set on getting the jars, and began deciding on a name for our brand. 

The name Lucian, is the French form of Lucius, meaning light. Given we were a candle brand, a name that meant light was perfect. We also wanted a brand that was accessible to everyone. Given it is a brother/sister partnership, we didn't want to create a purely feminine product.

Our first scent range was predominantly popular scents available in the market, Lime and Coconut, French Pear and French Vanilla, we quickly expanded this to include eleven original fragrances. We looked to you on Facebook to help design our scents, creating scents around the most popular suggestions. This showed us that you like our fresh fruity and earthy designs, which has become the signature of our brand. Our most popular to date are Mulberry & Sandalwood, Watermelon & Eucalyptus and Green Tea & Basil. 

Lucian's goal is to bring beautiful smelling, stylish plastic-free packaging and natural products to your home. You deserve to have products that smell and look amazing, but don't cost the planet. To get the most out of your jars, we encourage you to reuse them or refill them (we do that). You can also return them to us at Trove in Dickson, where we will recycle them. 

We are so grateful for the support we have had for our brand. In the past two years, we have met so many amazing people and we are so blessed to have the network we do!

Rachel & Chris