About Us

Lucian team: Chris, Sarah, Rachel & Baby Annie!

We’re a family business, founded on shared love of crafting beautiful scents. 

First there’s Rachel, who has been fixated on fragrance since age 9, when she attempted to make perfumes from leaves and flowers she found on the family farm. These days, she’s no less obsessed, but she is a bit more discerning. With 15 years of experience, she carefully balances and blends fragrance notes to create the vibrant and best-selling scents that can be found in homes across Australia. 

If Rachel is the nose behind the operation, then Chris and Sarah are its eyes. Chris, who loves modern architecture and designer homewares, has a knack for details and is committed to making each product perfect and shelf-ready. Sarah manages Lucian’s design and art direction. A trained graphic designer, she crafts the voice & visuals of the brand.

While we each have our area of specialisation, we work closely together to refine our fragrances, host workshops, attend markets, and build our creative community.