Help picking candle scents online.

How to choose the right candle online

Choose your space 

The first thing to consider is where you plan to use the candle. It’s better to choose subtle scents for kitchen spaces, where I would stay away from the floral smells. Try a sweet or fresh candle that complements food aromas.

Other considerations might be the size of the space. For a large room or a room with high ceilings, you may need a larger candle. A small space such as a bathroom or study could probably do with just a small tin or jar. Of course there are no set rules. If you love softer scents you might go smaller in a big space or vice versa.  

I won’t go into decor and styling here, but safety is definitely a consideration for choosing candles. Do you leave straighteners or irons on? If you lean even slightly towards a yes, maybe consider a wax warmer or reed diffuser as a safer, flameless alternative.


What smells do you enjoy?



These are the earthy notes in things like sandalwood, cedar, patchouli or pine. They are often base notes and bring to mind places that are warm, dry and cosy. 

Our scents with woody notes: Mandarin & Sandalwood, Mulberry & Sandalwood, Pine Grove and Dusty Rose.



These are smells that are bright and invigorating. Think citrus, green herbal and fruity scents. These are very popular with the younger crowd, and are great for the bathroom!

Our scents with fresh notes: Green Tea & Basil, Watermelon & Eucalyptus, Sweet Juniper and Lime & Coconut.



These are scents that don’t need an explanation. They are the ones you want to eat! The vanilla, cinnamon and honey scents. We often have parents saying they have to put these ‘yummy’ smells out of toddlers reach...

Our scents with sweet notes: French Vanilla, French Pear and Sticky Chai.


These are scents that are made from flower fragrance bases. The rose, daisy, sweet pea, lavender or frangipani. 

*These are the most common scents that people have reactions to, check before buying as gifts.

Our scents with floral notes: Wild Daisy, Dusty Rose, Lavender, Sweet Juniper and Jasmine & Honeysuckle.


Select a candle

So when you try and pick a candle online, have a think about what type of smells you normally enjoy. Which categories would they belong to?

Consider scents that mix two things you like. For example, I LOVE the Mulberry & Sandalwood, which is a blend of fresh and woody scents. I like the balance of these scents and these blends have been our most popular. 

If somehow after reading this, you still order a candle you don’t like we have 30 day money-back guarantee just for that problem. 

Happy shopping!



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