a mix of different scented green & blue hued soy wax travel tin candles on a white pillar in front of a blue backdrop

Getting the most out of your soy wax candles

three travel tin candles arranged in front of a pink backdrop with a slim white pillar. One candle is lit in the centre of the frame.


Every candle you buy should have its wick trimmed to 5mm before each burn. This avoids your candle making a smoke cloud, ensures it burns evenly and you won’t get soot dropping in. Do this when the wax is cool to avoid dropping the trimmed wick into the wax pool (we've all done it).


Caucasian hand sprinkling soy wax flakes onto a green table with a pink backdrop


We make 100% natural soy wax candles, which means that they react to heat and light. While they should look beautiful and smooth when you buy them, if you leave it on a sunny window sill or in any hot environment for an afternoon and they will start showing some wear & tear. Soy wax reacts to heat and light by ‘sweating’ or ‘discolouring’. Sweating is from soy oils separating from the wax and fragrance oil leaking to the surface. Discolouration can occur in a variety of ways from white spots or lines, to yellowing. Citric oils are particularly prone to discolouration. Avoid this by keeping your candle away from direct sunlight.

Or... you could just burn your luxury soy candle, enjoy the scent and don’t worry about how it looks! These are all visual problems and won't stop your candle smelling great.



Soy wax has a memory, and it's a bit sensitive. This means it remembers how long you burn your candle the first time you light it up. The next time, it will only melt to the width of that first burn. This creates the "tunnelling effect" in your candle. Make sure let the melt pool reach the edge (usually 2-3 hours). So get mindful with your candles, make sure you're committed to that first burn, and your candles will reward you with up to 15% more burn time!


Bright Glass Australia-made Soy Candle Packaging sitting in front of a plinth with a pink backdrop


If you love burning handmade scented candles allll day, this scenario may be familiar to you. Ever find after a few hours your candle has gone out, and when you go to inspect - the horror! - the wick has disappeared? This is due to the body of wax heating up a little too much and melting the glue that holds the wick to the bottom of the vessel. To avoid this, keep your burn time under 1 hour for tins and 2 hours for glasses.


large copper jar candle, lit on a pine table with a green leafy background.


If you are lucky enough to still have one our our beautiful copper or brass jar candles, great work on holding on to it for so long! We're firm believers in re-using or repurposing high quality goods. Have you heard about our refills program? We offer discounted refills on all our products, we'd love to see more people refilling their brass & coppers!

You may have noticed by now that the metal has oxidised in sections, this is because these vessels are made using real copper and brass-they are not plated.This usually looks like a green/blue hue on the rim to start and we have found it often forms on the surface closest to the rim of the candle first. You can polish this away using metal cleaner/polish (look for one specific to copper or brass for best results).


A set of three reed diffusers in brightly coloured boxes packaging, in front of a wavy pink sculpture. Scents are Pine grove, Mulberry & Sandalwood, Lime & Coconut and Green Tea.REED DIFFUSERS

Our reed diffusers are a great option to scent your home if you are uncomfortable with open flame in your space. We recommend keeping these tucked away in a corner or up high, essentially away from where they can be knocked over as the diffuser oil is hard to clean up and can damage lacquered or painted surfaces. 


A medium jasmine & honeysuckle fragranced soy wax candle sitting atop a white plinth surrounded by scattered matches.


Always follow safety instructions listed on the bottom of your candle! Never leave a lit candle unsupervised, keep out of reach of children and pets, always place on a stable, heat resistant surface and be careful when handling your jar as it will become hot (particularly as it approaches the bottom).


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