Travel Tin Discovery 12 Pack

Treat yourself to our entire signature scent range with our Discovery 12 Pack! Expertly crafted by Lucian, carefully chosen to fit any situation. Whether you need a fresh clean scent to brighten your space, or a relaxing fragrance for a winters night curled up on the couch with Netflix, this pack has you covered!

This pack includes 12 candles in either small (40g) or medium (80g) travel tins:
  • Mandarin & Sandalwood: The sweet aroma of Mandarin drifts over cosy notes of Sandalwood.
  • Watermelon & EucalyptusRich summer fruits balanced by a dash of eucalyptus freshness.
  • French Vanilla: Soft, buttery andcomforting FrenchVanilla scent.
  • French Pear: A gentle sweetPear scent with a hint ofCrean and Spice. 
  • Pine Grove: A forest of Firs, Pine needles crunchingbeneath your feet.
  • Mulberry & Sandalwood: Warm, summer Mulberries, with notes of Sandalwood.
  • Lavender: The calm, groundingscent of Lavender fieldsafter the rain.
  • Sweet JuniperSweet Pea shoots meets the crisp, tangy scent of Juniper Berries.
  • Dusty Rose: Freshly cut BulgarianRose, with a delicatedusting of Musk.
  • Jasmine & Honeysuckle: An evening walk ina whimsical, bloomingspring garden.
  • Lime & Coconut: A tangy citrus numberwith a not-so-subtlecoastal vibe.
  • Green Tea & BasilA refreshing hot Green Tea brew, with a hint of basil 

Burn time:
  • medium tins 25hrs+
  • small tins 15hrs+
(More if you follow our candle care guidelines!)

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