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Travel Tin Candles — 4 pack

Travel Tin Candles — 4 pack

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Treat yourself to the perfect gift with these four-packs of travel tin candles. Crafted with all-natural soy wax, each candle has its own unique scent, allowing you to explore a range of fragrances with every purchase. Light one up to add a touch of cozy ambiance wherever you go.

4 x 100ml travel tin candles.

Choose from our warm or cool scent collections:

Warm: You are, my fiiiire

…my one, desiiiiiire. So, you can’t really put this collection in a box… but let us try to in this description. These babies just work together, like a well-oiled boyband. They’re warm, fruity, luscious and dammit they are enjoyable. These scents are guaranteed not to be a guilty pleasure and will keep you coming back for more. Scents to curl up by the fire or sprawl out in the sun. Trust us, you want it that way.
  • Mulberry & Sandalwood
  • French Pear
  • Mandarin & Sandalwood
  • Fireside


Cool: So fresh & so clean

Mellow out with our seriously cool botanical blends, made with freshness at the front of mind, you’ll seriously slow down the pace when you light one of these up.

  • Watermelon & Eucalyptus
  • Sweet Juniper
  • Among the Gum Trees
  • Excuser Me, Green Tea


Some tips to make the most of your candle:

  • Real quick, trim your wick! Listen, we know the extra three seconds it takes to find scissors is annoying, but you’ll thank us later. Studies have shown trimming increases the lifespan of your candle by up to 15%. About 2mm to 5mm should do the trick. 
  • Settle in and enjoy. To avoid the “tunnel effect,” the first time you light your candle burn it for at least three hours, until the wax is melted to the edges, or until you’ve binge-watched three episodes of MAFS. (We won’t tell.) 
  • Save your breath. To reduce smoke, don’t blow out your candle. Instead, use a spoon (or a wick dipper, if you’re fancy like that) to submerge the wick into the wax pool.

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