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Limited Edition: Cool Boy Autumn Travel Tin Candle

Limited Edition: Cool Boy Autumn Travel Tin Candle

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More than meets the eye, this handmade soy wax candle has notes of Oudh, Caramel, Hibiscus & Cumquat. We know you wont be able to resist the cosiness of this sweet, rich & smouldering scent.

So...we never really bought into the whole hot girl summer thing, but cool boy autumn…? We’re intrigued. He’s got a hand-knit sweater, chai latte and he likes to cuddle. Alluring and eye-rolling all in one.

Not everyone is into commitment, which is why we made these candles. Created for the minimalists and the fragrance fickle, our 50mL and 100mL travel tins are the perfect way to trial a new fragrance. They’re mini in size, but not in scent — you can expect them to burn strong for 20 to 30 hours.

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