Jasmine & Honeysuckle Glass Candle


There’s nothing better than the smell of jasmine blooming. The only problem? The flowers wilt within hours of being picked. This candle ensures the sweet scent lives on for as long as you like, with notes of honeysuckle added to the bouquet.

We’re big fans of transparency when it comes to our relationships, our politicians and our candles. Offering a soft, warm glow, our 250mL candles burn for up to 45 hours, making them the ideal companion for a quiet night in — or for your next séance. Add in a thick solid base to protect your furniture and you’ve got a candle that you can trust.

Fun fact: Soot was the original contouring makeup, used by actors back in the 16th century. Now that we’ve got Sephora for that, there’s no need for sooty residue in your life. That’s why we use sustainable slow-burning soy wax — not only will your Lucian candle last longer than an Elizabethan stage production, it’s also soot-free. 

Some tips to make the most of your candle:

  • Real quick, trim your wick! Listen, we know the extra three seconds it takes to find scissors is annoying, but you’ll thank us later. Studies have shown trimming increases the lifespan of your candle by up to 15%. About 2mm to 5mm should do the trick. 
  • Settle in and enjoy. To avoid the “tunnel effect,” the first time you light your candle burn it for at least three hours, until the wax is melted to the edges, or until you’ve binge-watched three episodes of MAFS. (We won’t tell.) 
  • Save your breath. To reduce smoke, don’t blow out your candle. Instead, use a spoon (or a wick dipper, if you’re fancy like that) to submerge the wick into the wax pool.

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